About Royalty Kid's Shuttle

Pshaun Ellis, a business owner of a Children’s Behavioral Center and a loving parent, realized the importance of creating safe transportation for children. Because of today’s competitive marketplace, she believed that a transportation company must be more than just someone with a van—a shuttle services provider must plan thoroughly and work hard to stand out above the rest. This is why she decided to name the company Royalty Kid's Shuttle because she wanted to provide only the best or not provide it at all.
Royalty Kid’s Shuttle was also started to provide children the opportunity to enjoy safe and reliable transportation to/from school and their various other activities. It’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to bring it to life; it takes a lot of ambition and planning. As a parent, Pshaun realized the importance and challenges of getting children to school, their scheduled activities, and various destinations on time. She too struggled with trying to balance working overseas supporting the troops and having to get her daughter, who was here in the states with her family, to school and her many activities.
On many occasions, everybody had different schedules and destinations that did not match. It was then decided, after many brainstorming sessions, that a kid’s shuttle service would be the best solution to this complicated problem. When Pshaun came home from working overseas, she started the business for herself and the many other parents, especially single parents, that are going through the same thing, eliminating the hassles and worries of transporting children to/from school or other activities.